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Home Defense Premier

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About Home Defense Premier

Home Defense Premier Protects Your Home From: Ants, Crickets, Earwigs, Roaches, Rodents, Silverfish, Spiders, and Termites

Your Complete Pest Control Solution

One of the many things that set Fenn Termite & Pest Control apart is the fact that we are a 3rd-generation local family-owned company. We care about our local community and our relationship with our customers, which is why we’re dedicated to providing personalized attention to each home and family to make sure we provide the most tailored and effective treatment possible. With over 70 years of pest control experience, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

Home Defense Premier Features:

70+ Years of Experience
Same-Day Services
Family-Friendly Products
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Pest Concerns

Helpful information detailing your pest concerns and the best pest control methods.

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For Your Family and Home

Home Defense Premier

Starting at $70/month!

*Initial Fee Applies

Pay $0 for Initial Fee When you Sign up for a 1-year Agreement

Year-round protection for your family & home

20+ Pests Covered
Rodent Protection
Termite Treatment
Quarterly Treatments
Same Day Service
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Huntington Beach, CA

We use Fenn Termite & Pest Control to keep our property bug-free.

How Does Home Defense Premier Treatment Work?

Our Home Defense Premier program eliminates and protects your home against the most common household pests, rodents, and termites in the Orange County region. Starting at just $70/month, we will provide recurring services to ensure pest infestations don’t return. Here’s what you’ll receive:

Get Started with a Free Inspection!

model home to identify treatment locations
Initial Inspection:
During the initial visit to your home, our exterminators will carefully inspect your home’s interior and exterior, identifying common entry and exit points for pests, as well as termite colonies.
Initial Treatment:
We will treat every square inch as necessary to eliminate existing termite and pest infestations. We treat existing termite colonies with Termidor or Altriset, both of which are conventional liquid treatments with low toxicities and reliable effects.
Recurring Treatments:
Once we treat your current infestation, our exterminators will create a preventative barrier around your home with just three to four intermittent, non-invasive applications each year. We’ll also return to inspect and make sure termites have not returned.
Rodent Control:
DIY rodent control in Southern California can be a gamble. Laying out mouse traps or rat poison might seem like the easiest option, but these methods rarely treat the problem at its source and don’t prevent new rodents from entering your home. When you choose Fenn Termite & Pest Control for your rodent treatments, you’ll have the benefit of our integrated pest management approach and guaranteed service.
Targeted Termite Treatments:
We treat existing termite colonies with either liquid treatments and baiting systems, which will help reduce the termite population and provide long-lasting relief. For outdoor treatments, we utilize Termidor Suspended Concentrate, which is applied to the soil and can last up to 10 years.

Learn More About Home Defense Premier

Pest Control in Orange County

One of the perks of working with Fenn Termite & Pest Control is our team of highly-trained experts. All of our pest control exterminators in Orange County complete rigorous hands-on training as well as licensing and other formal certifications to prepare them to administer fast, safe solutions to any pest problem

Family-Safe, Reduced Risk Treatments 

When you attempt DIY pest control in Orange County, you run the risk of exposing yourself and your loved ones to harmful chemicals or damaging your home or furniture in the process. We are proud to utilize cutting-edge, reduced-risk products that are gentle on our planet and the ones you love most while still efficiently removing pests. When you team up with us, you’ll know that you’re in good hands. 

Quality Pest Control at an Affordable Price 

At Fenn, we believe that members of our community should have access to quality pest control at an affordable price. That’s why our Home Defense program starts at the low cost of $36 a month. What’s more, we offer a variety of special offers to help you save money. 

Save with our Special Offers Today

Same-Day Pest Control

When you call on Fenn Termite & Pest Control, you’ll have the benefit of knowing that our exterminators will be there as soon as possible. We offer same-day services when you call before noon! Our Saturday hours and flexible scheduling mean that we work around your schedule—not the other way around.

Reduce the Mosquito Population in Your Yard

If you’re tired of mosquitos dominating your yard, contact our team of professional exterminators. Our mosquito treatments will greatly reduce the mosquito population in your yard while preventing them from returning. Our exterminators will teach you how to maintain your yard to deter mosquitos in the future. 

start protecting your home and family today!