Pest Control Preparation Sheet

 Pest Control Preparation Sheet


Fenn Termite + Pest Control prepared the following information to assist you in preparing your home for pest control service. Below are the usual instructions and are the usual problem areas for these types of pests, however, if you have an infestation in a unique area or some other problem exists, please be sure to let the pest control technician know when they arrive so they may treat this area also. If you have any questions regarding this treatment, please feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to answer them for you. 

If You Are To Be Treated For Ants And/Or Roaches:

  1. All people and pets MUST be gone for 4 hours. If you have a fish tank, just cover it with a damp towel.  
  2. Remove all items from kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. These items can be placed on the kitchen table or in a chair, etc. The shelves and drawers should be washed thoroughly.
  3. Remove all items from bathroom cabinets, drawers, and linen closets. These items can be placed in the bathtub or shower.  
  4. Vacuum the entire apartment thoroughly.  
  5. After cupboards have been sprayed. DO NOT WASH the chemical off. This will help protect against future infestation. Once dry, the chemical is not harmful.

If You Are Being Treated for Fleas:

  1. All people and pets MUST be gone for 4 hours. If you have a fish tank just cover it with a damp towel. 
  2. Vacuum all carpeted areas of the home.
  3. Vacuum prior to the technician arriving and daily after the service for 7-10 days.
  4. If the closet floors are carpeted, clear things off the closet floors. All beds should be stripped and linens washed.
  5. Have animals flea dipped at time of service. 

Preparations For Current Bed Bug Infestations:

  1. Vacuum all carpeted areas including closets, under beds, baseboard cracks, furniture, mattresses, and box springs extra good before treatment. 
  2. Empty vacuum cleaner bag into outside trash container immediately after finishing. Check with your service technician about vacuuming after treatment. 
  3. All beds (mattresses) should be left standing against the wall. 
  4. All linens including; bed linens, pillows, kitchen and bath towels, washcloths, napkins, etc. should be washed in hot water and placed in tightly sealed plastic bags. 
  5. Remove all clothing from dressers and closets; wash and dry. After washing, place all items in tightly sealed plastic bags. Items that cannot be washed place in big plastic trash bags; close tightly and place outside in the sun for 1 week. Depending upon the severity of the infestation this would include; small appliances (toasters, microwaves, hairdryers, etc.), CD and DVD players, stuffed animals, picture frames. 
  6. Remove all items off floor areas including in closets and under beds. (This does not include furniture). 
  7. All draperies and blinds made with cloth should be washed and or cleaned and placed in tightly sealed plastic bags. 
  8. Remove power outlet and light switch covers at infested areas before treatment. 
  9. Remove smoke detector covers and ceiling light covers. 
  10. All floors should be swept and mopped before treatment. 
  11. All cabinets throughout the home should be inspected thoroughly, if infestation suspected wash items and place in tightly sealed plastic bags. Items that cannot be washed place in big plastic trash bags; close tightly and place outside in the sun for 1 week. 
  12. Cover the fish tank with a damp towel and turn off or unplug the pump. 

-The sealed plastic bags with items that have been washed can be placed on tables, countertops, and in the bathtub. 

-Please do not place them on furniture. 

-Follow-up treatment is recommended 10-14 days following the initial treatment.