Which Termite Treatment Is Best For My Home?

termite infestation

You have an infestation with one of the most invasive species. This, of course, is the termite. Termites are one of the most dangerous and threatening bug infestations that you could encounter and even worse, they can cause billions of dollars worth of damage. It is not uncommon to go years without them being discovered, and the longer they are left untreated, the more damage will impact your home or structure. When trying to eliminate these pests, the next question that begs to be answered is, how long will the actual treatment last, and what treatment is the best? We will go over termite treatment longevity and the different kinds of treatments which include: 

  • Liquid Treatment 
  • Bait Stations 
  • Wood Treatments 

How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

The longevity will vary based on which method you use, but according to industry research, termite treatment generally lasts about five years. If you decide to go the bait station route, treatment will last up to a year and you will have to treat more often. There is not a process that can get rid of termites permanently, so this opens up different methods individuals can choose from. The reasoning behind which method is best for a homeowner can depend on: 

  • The foundation of your home
  • The current structure of your home 
  • Pricing 
  • How often you will have to re-treat

Liquid Termite Treatments

Liquid treatment is one of the most popular ways of combating termites. This process involves establishing a chemical barrier around the foundation of your home. Trenches are put deep into the soil around your home so that termites cannot cross over and feed on your home's wood any longer. Liquid treatment will last on average about 5 years. If you happen to find them in your house regardless of getting a treatment done recently, it is probably because they found a hole in the chemical barrier. This is usually why thorough annual inspections are encouraged to make sure there are no loose points of interest. 

Termite Baiting Stations

While a successful option for getting rid of termites, bait stations will require maintenance all year round. This method will require bait stations to be strategically placed around your property in hopes that termites will then grab the bait. Rather than the colonies infesting your property, they take the bait and bring them back to their colonies instead of damaging your home. After termites deliver the bait back to the colony, the poison will eventually kill any who indulged in the bait which will stop the infestation.

It may take a while for termites to find the baits and return them to their colony, and that is why this process may take several months before you notice results. Termite baiting is a long-term commitment for you because you will have to have your home re-treated and reevaluated over time. Once the bait is found, though, this is known to be one of the most effective ways to eliminate any infestation. 

Direct Wood Treatments

Wood termite treatments are most effective for homes under new construction as the wood is not all hidden. This method is also best for smaller infestations as the wood is being treated directly with certain sprays and foams. The chemicals soak into the wood, killing any termites in its path as well as staying on the wood to prevent any new ones from looking for a meal. The most popular of these termiticides is Termidor. If sprayed directly on the wood, this treatment will last up to 3 months before having to get your home resprayed. If applied to a trench, this product can last up to 10 years. 

What Influences the Effectiveness of Termite Treatment? 

The type of termite you are dealing with will also affect how long treatments last. Two types of species are typically seen: subterranean termites and drywood termites. Subterranean termites live in the soil around the home and will create a network of tunnels to access their food source (your house). Drywood termites burrow into the wood in which they will live and then create a series of tunnels within the wood of your home and eat their way through. The treatment you receive and how long that treatment will last depends on your infestation. With our expert termite treatment, the team at Fenn Termite + Pest Control, Inc. can help you identify the type of species correctly and the most effective treatment.

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